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Welcome to St. John's



Welcome! All of our Sunday worship services begin at 9:00 am.  We welcome all who are led to attend. We will greet you with a smile and words of welcome as God comes to bless us with His love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. 

Our Mission


Saved by God's Grace, we are made to live our lives in such ways that it is a witness to Jesus and His love for all people. As we take time to gather together in worship and fellowship, God blesses and moves us to keep growing in our faith to do the good works God created us to do.

Sunday Worship

We do worship upstairs in the sanctuary starting at 9:00 am. Fellowship time then follows downstairs with drinks & snacks. After a brief time we then engage in Sunday School and Bible study time. 

Summer Worship


During the summer months we're planning to do worship outside on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This year those dates are June 19, July 18, and August 21. We will do these services outside weather permitting. After worship we will enjoy a potluck picnic. These outside services will also start at 9:00 am.

Children and Youth Ministry


   Our children and youth ministry is designed to help lay the foundation for children to grow spiritually in faith and deed. To do this, we plan and prepare activities to help teach and grow children's faith and love. The activities we do help fill children with a deeper understanding of God, God's Word, and their faith in God. Some activities are designed to connect with others in fellowship.

  Our children and youth ministry include: WINGS, Sunday School, Confirmation, and Youth Groups.       There is always room for all to join; both participant and helper. All that is needed is to come with an open mind and heart and be willing to connect with others and God. Come join us! 

Adult Ministry


   The goal and purpose of Adult Ministry is for all members to have an opportunity to serve and be served. Each person has a place in the body of Christ. Each person is created by God to have and do their part.

  Adult ministry is a lifelong calling from God to be active in God's Word, to be doing acts of love in service to God and others with one's very life.

   God's Word says we are to be living sacrifices and that we were saved to do good works God made us to do. {Eph. 2:10} We pray YOU will take the next step in your faith-walk and join in with others in growing in God's grace through Bible Fellowship, Choir, LWML, or other groups. Be looking for new groups to start the spring of 2022! If you see no group for you, maybe God is leading YOU to start one!!

Holy Week and Easter


We just finished the Lenten season with Easter. We are now moving beyond the tomb as we begin to focus on the early Church. This next season covers the time after Jesus' resurrection and before his ascension. Come and join us as Jesus comes to live with us beyond His open tomb. NOW is the time we join with Him as he begins to make us His witnesses to His PEACE, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS that He gives to all people!!

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